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We have thousands of designs available for you to choose from, these design also known as templates give us a good starting point for determining the look and feel, or layout of your Website.

Just to clarify what a template means to us as opposed to others web developers. Templates are usually used to confine content, menu and images to certain locations on a page, a template may also limit the number of pages of the website. We do not use templates as such, we only utilize the graphics obtained from the template chosen, then customize the design and style to suit your needs. The design chosen will be modified to suit your business, your logo, images and content, we can also alter the actual colour scheme. We can also add or alter the menu, it can be located at the top, left, right, bottom or a combination of these with or without sub menus.We can also combine the look and features from multiple templates if you wish.

We can also create the create a custom web design for your business, however we find that templates save time as we immediately know the layout or style of the web design required by your business.

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