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Refund Policy for New Website Hosting Accounts
We have a 15-day money back guarantee for all new hosting accounts. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 15 days of your contract, you will be given a full refund of the contract amount excluding setup fees, software and licensing costs, data transfer over-usage, disk space over-consumption, domain registrations, domain transfers and domain renewals.
The money back guarantee requests should be directed to

Refund Policy for Website Hosting Renewals
All Renewals of web hosting contracts will be refunded if Business Web Design Company is notified prior to the Invoice Date. Refund requests received after this date will be made at the discretion of Business Web Design Company. All cancellations must be received in writing 7 days prior to the renewal date and sent via e-mail to requests should be directed to Phone requests will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation.

Refund Policy for SSL Certificates and Dedicated IP address.
No refund will be offered for the purchase of any new SSL certificates. All cancellations requests must be received 7 days prior to the renewal date and requests should be directed to

Refund Policy for New Web Developments/Website Designs
No refund will be offered for the work/time spent in relation to a new website site or update to an existing website that has previously had our customers approval.

Refund Policy for Domain Registrations and Domain Renewals.
No refund will be offered for the purchase of a domain name on your behalf. Domain renewals will not be processed unless payment is received at least 7 days prior to expiry date.

All other refund requests
Our aim is to serve our customers and provide them with the highest quality of service we can. If for some reason you would like to request a refund please contact us at

Refunds will be given at the discretion of Business Web Design Company.

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